Hi, I'm Celia Tulloch. I'm The Owner of George's Dog Sitting Services.

Let me give you a little background information about me...

My Story

As the Founder and Owner of George’s Dog Sitting Services, LLC. (a licensed and insured company), my goal is to pamper your precious pooch(es) in your home as if they were my own. While in my care, I guarantee that your dog(s) will have the most "pawsitive" experience possible.

I grew up with an adorable mixed breed dog named "Cutie." While teaching ESL in South Korea for seven years, I volunteered regularly at a dog shelter in Daejeon. More recently, I volunteer several times a week at Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY. These experiences coupled with my occasionally pet sitting friends’ dogs, have made me aware of the need for more personalized in-home pet care services in the New York metropolitan area.

My personal interests are yoga, reading books on interior design, and travel, and also traveling to cultures that are unique and vibrant.  

Celia and George
George The Dog

About George

George is the inspiration and heart behind George’s Dog Sitting Services, LLC. He was a "pawsome," senior, rescued Weimaraner who taught me a lot about love and life.

Despite being a tripod and suffering from arthritis, George lived his life with dignity until the sun set on him in March 2018.

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Because your dog's health and happiness is worth it!